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  1. If you’re interested in developing a modern orchard with enhanced productivity in less than a third of the time, get in touch with us on +91 194 2443933 or info@agrisenseharvest.com. As a Grower, you can be an existing local farmer, a youth exploring income opportunities in farming, a state investor, a Kashmiri residents settled abroad wanting to revive roots in the land, or even a corporation.
  2. We collect your farm details such as nature of crop, farm area, location, etc.
  3. Recommendations and details on rootstock, variety, and orchard development process are then shared.

Design & Planting

  1. Site survey and soil sampling takes place immediately after the initial advance is paid.
  2. Layout survey and orchard planning is done immediately after site survey and soil sampling is completed.
    1. Row directions
    2. Number of rows
    3. Tree spacing demarcation
    4. Water drainage, etc.
  3. Land and soil preparation prior to plantation.
    1. Removal of trees, bushes, existing farm structures
    2. Land is readied for apple plantation.
  4. Provisioning of water supply (bore well, canals, reservoir, etc.)
  5. Land fencing erected on all sides.


  1. Installation of the pre-stressed concrete trellis system
    1. Pre stressed concrete posts imported from Italy.
    2. Fruiting wires, cables, anchors, top and cross wires.
    3. Anti-hail nets (optional)
  2. Installation of Drip irrigation system according to layout
    1. Main line, tubing, emitters/drippers, fertigation and filtration units etc.
  3. Plantation of desired variety on precocious, virus-free, quarantined M9 rootstocks
    1. Timed to coincide with the Spring season
    2. Plantation occurs under technical guidance of internationally trained experts.
    3. Most modern and marketable varieties including Red Chief, Mema Mestar, Red Cap, Gala Schnico Red, Fuji kiku, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious Riendeers.
  4. Harvest of first fruit
    1. Typically, in 3 years from plantation
  5. In 4-5 years, the farm is ready to deliver a full load of harvest. Welcome prosperity!

Maintenance & Support

  1. Spraying Schedule
    1. Spraying schedule for insecticides, fungicides and pesticides prepared in consultation with local and international experts.
    2. Promotion and guidance for use of vermi-composts and other natural manures etc.
    3. European made tractor mounted/trailed sprayers for effective and environment friendly spraying.
  2. First pruning of plants
    1. Typically done after first leaf fall after plantation with guidance from internationally trained experts.
  3. Regular checks and monitoring by internationally trained apple orchard experts from Agrisense Global Pvt Ltd.
    1. Monitoring includes plant health, soil check, trellis maintenance, anti-hail net checks, etc.

Agrisense Harvest Private Limited is an end-to-end orchard development company based in Srinagar, Kashmir.  We provide complete solutions in apple growing like orchard surveys, orchard planning, consultancy and development.

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+91 194 2443933 ; +91 194 7968603