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The average production of apples in Kashmir is a meagre 10 ton per hectare.Compare this yield with global average of approximately 60 tons per hectare, and introduction of newer and more marketable tree types seems like a natural progression and the need of the hour.

The precocious nature of newer types make a lot of sense!

With Agrisense, we offer growers high-density orchard development expertise. These facilities also open the doors of agricultural entrepreneurship to unused-land owners, in turn to add to the GDP of the state economy.

Agrisense is your partner in the first step of food production and prosperity.


We have chiefly three tree types on offer:

    1. Most dwarfing rootstock used commercially for high density plantations worldwide
    2. Tree height is 8 – 10 feet
    3. Fruiting in 3-4 years
    4. Endures overwhelming soils and is robust
    5. Requires additional support
    6. Apples are bigger and develop sooner than a similar scion on another rootstock
    1. Semi-dwarf rootstock, producing a tree about 60% the size of seedling
    2. Tree of 3m to 4m in height and spread
    3. Precocious and productive
    4. Usually, little-to-no tree support needed
    5. Effective choice for well-drained soils found across Kashmir
    1. Semi-vigorous rootstock
    2. Trees somewhat larger than MM106, in the range 4m-5m / 14ft - 18ft.
    3. Known to thrive in both heavy and light soils
    4. Tolerant to drought as well as damp conditions
    5. Free-standing fruit tree that does not need support


    1. Species: Malus domestica
    2. Mildly sweet with just a few notes of acidity.
    3. Simple and delicious
    1. Extremely productive
    2. Uniformly dark red, high quality fruit
    3. Stores well with (7 months) and without (3 months) modified atmosphere
    4. Blushed type red colour
    1. Low to medium growth
    2. Very good productivity
    3. Very typical Red Delicious character
    1. Fully blush strain with intense bright dark red over-colour
    2. Non-glossy Red Delicious with full colour
    3. Very good productivity
    1. Species: Malus domestica
    2. One of the most widely-grown apple varieties
    3. Sweet pleasant flavour, easy to eat
    4. Good keeping qualities
    1. Bud mutation from the Gala Schniga Schnitzer
    2. Medium growth, high yield
    3. Intense, dark red, non-glossy colouration
    4. Medium, conical size
    5. Harvest: End of August
    1. Species: Malus domestica
    2. Apple hybrid developed in Japan
    3. A very attractive modern apple
    4. Crisp and sweet-flavoured
    1. Species: Malus domestica
    2. Most instantly-recognised of all apples
    3. Originated in Australia
    4. Light green skin and crisp, juicy flesh.
    5. Flavour profile is tart and acidic
    1. Species: Malus domestica
    2. Popular commercial variety
    3. Also good as breeding stock for many other varieties.
    4. Very easy to grow and crops heavy
    5. Keeps in storage for a long time after harvest.


Aside from high-productivity saplings and marketable varieties, we at Agrisense also bring you the tech advantage of high-density orchard structures imported straight from Italy.

We also have a ready model farm for you to experience the difference first hand.

    1. Unlimited endurance with the possibility to be reused
    2. Optimum price-quality ratio
    3. Resistant to shocks, wind gusts, atmospheric agents, aggressive substances contained in anti-parasitic products and fertilizers.
    4. Flexibility
    5. Possibility of mechanising the farming operations
    6. Easily disposable (can be used in construction foundations)
    1. A range of nets that protect against damages caused by various environmental factors specially hail and sun burn.
    1. Deep penetration of water and nutrients into roots and soi
    2. Easy to use
    3. Saves water

Agrisense Harvest Private Limited is an end-to-end orchard development company based in Srinagar, Kashmir.  We provide complete solutions in apple growing like orchard surveys, orchard planning, consultancy and development.

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