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  1. Increase in state GDP: The direct impact of higher yield in terms of quantity and quality and reduced gestation period for growers can translate into export opportunities for growers in the state beyond Indian shores.
  2. Ecology improvement: The special virus-free, precocious rootstocks provided by Agrisense together with modern spraying machines and techniques reduce the impact of chemicals on ecology and ensure apples are harvested healthier.
  3. Increased employment opportunities for Kashmiri youth: Highly motivated and energetic youth will be trained to learn and then carry the initiative forward. Expert guidance in apple orchard development is a necessity. Kashmiri youth will be trained by international and local experts in Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Trellising, and Drip Irrigation as experts. This highly-trained group will, in turn, help their local community of farmers.
  4. Building long-term farming futures: If apple orchards generate substantial income, youth will be steered to work harder in the orchards and towards marketing produce. Improving farm economics and ensuring a viable future for farmers are essential to achieving long-term supplies of safe and high quality farm produce.
  5. Greater participation: Provide farmers with access to services and products with public-private partnership to improve productivity, income and access to markets.
  6. Increased social capital: Social capital is vital for societies to prosper economically and to develop sustainably. Local, state, and central administrations can build social capital by facilitating cooperation and enabling collective action.
  7. Add to Kashmir’s apple heritage: Agrisense’s end-to-end knowledge sharing makes it easier for you to plant an apple orchard and reap its benefits sooner. Increased interest and cultivation of apple, only helps to reinforce Kashmir’s place as India’s premier apple grower.

    Moreover, apple orchards are not just cash fruits, they can help supplement other sectors, like logistics, food processing, and even tourism.

Investors (Banks, Venture Capitalists)

  1. Boosting public-private partnerships to increase Kashmir’s horticulture importance
  2. Increasing improvements in agriculture sector
  3. Value addition due to modern technology, knowledge and financial assistance
  4. To contribute to sustainable incomes of farmers
  5. Facilitate increase in agriculture financing by creating more risk-sharing agreements


  1. Training and capacity- building with engagement of local farmers, entrepreneurs, and international experts for specific inputs on apple orchard management.
  2. Establishment of Knowledge Centres. – to set up centres, practices, and studies to help achieve set objectives.
  3. Community engagement and recognition via increased awareness on agricultural and socio-economic issues of community.
  4. To enable an efficient and effective production of food at the lowest possible costs
  5. Integrate farmers into global supply chains and sell their products directly to buyers at fair market value.

Agrisense Harvest Private Limited is an end-to-end orchard development company based in Srinagar, Kashmir.  We provide complete solutions in apple growing like orchard surveys, orchard planning, consultancy and development.

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