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  1. Increase in income via apple growing: M9 rootstocks are vigorous and have reduced gestation period. This means, they bear fruit in 2-3 years instead of the traditional 10-year fruiting apple trees. Income start as early as 3 years and full harvest can be done from fifth year. The increased productivity is 3-4 time and assures early returns to farmers.
  2. More trees per hectare / Increased tonnage: A total of 3333 (approx.) M9 rootstocks can be planted in a hectare. At average yield of 20 KG, 66 tonnes of fruit can be produced per hectare. This is a significant rise in yield (~6X) from the traditional 10-15 tonnes of production.
  3. Technology adoption and guidance: Guidance from internationally trained experts – during plantation and during pruning. Round-the-year consultative guidance and hand-holding. Use of imported, sturdy anti-hail nets and accessories for reduced crop damage by hail. Installation done by expert technicians and routine check-up and maintenance.
  4. Access to state-of-the-art Controlled atmosphere cold storage and mobile refrigeration systems.
  5. Increased support and finance security against inclement weather, disease, and fruit spoilage
  6. Breakeven early: High-density planting means early production because trees bear fruit in 2-3 years. Moreover, plants reach full maturity and yield actual tonnage from 5th year. Because of the early production and higher returns many higher density orchards are breaking even in 6-7 years compared to 12-15 years for traditional systems.
  7. More efficient harvest, reduced labor costs: With M9 orchards, pruning from the ground or from a short stool is possible. Labourers have the ease to hand-pick harvest without using ladders; thus, specialized high-cost labour is not required.

Agrisense Harvest Private Limited is an end-to-end orchard development company based in Srinagar, Kashmir.  We provide complete solutions in apple growing like orchard surveys, orchard planning, consultancy and development.

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