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We at Agrisense offer a specialised Corporate Contract Farming Venture (CCFV) program. If you are the owner of land or want to buy land but don’t know what to do with it, you can become agricultural entrepreneurs. As an agribusiness owner, you can earn substantial additional income from an orchard and also contribute to the growth of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir.

Under the CCFV program, we help you acquire the best technologies, sapling varieties, and build infrastructure that can contribute to both increased income for you, as well as higher profitability for your investors or sponsors.

Across the world’s best agricultural practices, it has been observed that if managed well, contract farming is an effective way to coordinate and promote production.

Here are the various advantages of joining Agrisense’s CCFV program:

  1. Provision of inputs and production services
  2. Access to exclusive credit and financial support
  3. Introduction of state-of-the-art technology
  4. Skill and knowledge transfer
  5. Guaranteed and fixed pricing structures
  6. Sustained access to reliable markets

Agrisense Harvest Private Limited is an end-to-end orchard development company based in Srinagar, Kashmir.  We provide complete solutions in apple growing like orchard surveys, orchard planning, consultancy and development.

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